Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Coffee no no!

Just a few short weeks ago on October 1st, I started my day as normal. Around 7am I ventured out into the autumnal morning for a stroll before kickstarting my day. On this particual day I had a blog post to write for Mummy Pages, and then I had a three hour lecture to attend as my work in Student Support. Following my morning stroll on a normal basis I usually enjoy the ritual of a steaming mug of coffee. Prior to going into lectures I normally purchase a steaming mug of coffee to take along. It wasn't until that morning of October 1st that I realised just how important my mug of coffee is in my life.
On return from my stroll that morning I switched on the kettle and logged into facebook. It's really just a habit now I guess. Facebook was awash with posts about 'Sober October'. Everyone was giving up alcohol for the month. So I stopped and thought about it and decided to give it a go. As I set my mug in place for the coffee it dawned on me that giving up alcohol wouldn't be much of a challenge. I normally drink wine with a meal out or perhaps one night per week. I enjoy drinks on a Saturday night but can do without also. So then I had the brainwave as I put my spoonful of coffee into the mug....I'd go off Coffee for October. So the coffee was put back in the jar and replaced with a gree tea bag. No problem. I can do this.
So my day began. The blog post got written and the green tea was drank. Shortly after 12pm I arrived on university campus ready for work and as usual proceeded to the coffee shop where I purchased my normal mug of coffee. I sat down outside (the sun was shining and I still had 10 minutes) when I realised that I was 'off' coffee for the month. Despairingly I left the coffee cup down and made my way to the lecture theatre with a bottle of water.
Over the next 3 hours I could smell coffee from all angles. Students were sipping...the lecturer was sipping and other support workers were sipping...coffee.
As the days went by I could find myself getting the whiff of coffee everywhere I went. That aroma just floats through the air.
It's now been three weeks since I embarked upon  this task and I'm already counting the days until November 1st. I will look forward to a frothy mug of coffee on that morning and I shall count my blessings that I only decided to abstain for a month. Little did I know I would ever wish I'd made the decision to abstain from alcohol instead.
It's taught me how dependent I have become on this drug. It is a drug as I'm addicted. I'm finding each day difficult without it. But I shall return to it soon.
I'm very fortunate that I haven't experienced side effects - apart from my mood swings and short tempered periods!!!
I never thought that not drinking coffee would have such a profound effect on my life. Whilst shopping I walk past the coffee shops. I'm missing my time reading and sipping in various establishments on a weekly basis. I look forward to welcoming this return. I feel guitly that I'm a little angry when I meet someone drinking coffee and I can't have some. I'm seeing a side to myself I didn't know existed.
So if you're drinking coffee and meet me over the coming week or more, step aside and ignore me....it might be best in the long run!!
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